Microblading Waterproof Eyebrow Pen

Microblading Waterproof Eyebrow Pen

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The Best Eyebrow Product You'll Ever Own!

Achieve ultimate, long lasting, natural-looking eyebrows with ease.

Using an eyebrow pencil is old school and in the past. They smudge, run and keep a waxy feeling on your brows all day long. They just don't look natural and people are staring at your brows instead of your eyes. This can make you feel uncomfortable when trying to hold a conversation with someone.

You don't have to feel that way anymore...

Girl Using Pen

Our Waterproof Microblading Pen introduces you to a revolutionary new concept for Women all around the world. Have you ever plucked just a few too many hairs? We’ve all been there. The majority of us have thinner eyebrows which require a bit of penciling in, but now it’s time to say goodbye to your pencils!

Now you can have perfect eyebrows in 3 easy steps:

 3 Simple Steps To Perfect Eyebrows

Define your eyebrows with the NEW, 2019, Liquid Eyebrow Pen. It's completely waterproof so no worrying about it running or smudging. 

Our Eyebrow Pen is long lasting and has been repeatably praised by customers for giving them the natural look they’ve been desiring for a long time. The 4-Tip applicator creates the ultimate natural hair-like eyebrow appearance. Naturally, you can expect our Eyebrow will last up to 2-4 days!


 4 Head Pin

This pen is a liquid eyebrow marker that is easy to apply with a tapered 4 head tip applicator. It's long lasting and most importantly, it looks natural. No more stares or people judging you about fake looking eyebrows. 

3 Colors To Choose From


It's Waterproof,
 no matter the occasion you need it for and no matter what happens, your brows will always look incredible. It doesn't matter if you sweat or get caught up outside in the pouring rain - this will not smudge.

Save Time, often with pencils and other eyebrow applicators, we are extremely self-conscious about how perfect and natural we need it to look. We all spend hours in front of a mirror trying to achieve perfection. Our Eyebrow Pen is so easy to use, you will notice within 10 minutes you'll have an all natural and gorgeous look with absolutely no stress.

Save Money, stop spending tons of money on different brushes and pencils that don't work or you find out don't live up to the guarantee of not smudging. Our Eyebrow Pen is the solution you've been searching for.

We have 3 wonderful natural colors to choose from... 

  • Chestnut
  • Brown
  • Dark Gray

Buy one or get all 3.

Define your look and take control over your eyebrows today!

Now your only excuse for having bad eyebrows is not using this pen!